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I just found this community. I was happy to find that there is one. I guess I should do the introduction name is Tiffany, I'm 22, and I live in Dallas (originally from Illinois). I was always a John Ritter fan. I LOVE Three's Company (of course) and 8 Simple Rules (which, yes, I do still watch even though it's not nearly the same). I even remember when he played Ben's dad on Felicity. He was great in Bad Santa. I saw Problem Child the other day for the first time in a long time. It's a funny movie and I did laugh, but I also got really sad when I thought about how he's not here anymore.

I came home from work one day to have my ex-boyfriend say: "Today is a sad day. Johnny Cash died and so did John Ritter." I thought he was joking. I was like, "Whatever, John Ritter did not die, he's not even old." I completely did NOT believe him. I had to go look it up on Yahoo to believe it. I cried A LOT. I cried everytime I read anything about him and what had happened. It just makes me upset because even though I didn't know him, I know that he was the most honest and real human being there ever could be. He truly seemed to just care about making other people happy, genuinely.

It just sucks.

If anyone wanted to make any icons of John, that would be cool. I would definitely use one. I'd make my own, but I have no idea how...

Anyway, nice to meet you all.
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